I live and breath image making... taking inspiration from Nature. I am passionate about conserving the natural landscape to inspire future generations.

As a visual artist, I work with a variety of creative mediums, including, digital painting & illustration, location and studio photography, traditional watercolour & gouache painting, and pencil & ink drawing. I often combine elements from several of these disciplines, as the finished image dictates. I have never been a purist. The end result is what matters to me. My more illustrative work is strongly influenced by the traditions of impressionism & pointillism (Claude Monet, George Seurat & Gustav Klimt).


Based in beautiful Nidderdale, North Yorkshire, I derive much of my creativity from my local surroundings. Many of my paintings and photographs are inspired by my local landscape & artists - such as the poet Ted Hughes - whose inspired portrayals of this rugged Northern landscape accurately capture the essence of the natural world I have come to know and love.


My landscape photographs try to convey the silence and wonder I sense in the countryside throughout the seasons. I am particularly fond of the Winter months and love to capture the transformative natural beauty of snow, frost and ice.


My paintings explore the spirituality and essence of nature itself. My woodlands and forests are brimming with secrets, shaped by the seasons and weathered by the elements. My nightscapes are windows into the soul of mankind... full of faith, optimism, and a life-long yearning for knowledge. Star and moonlit skies filled with magic and wonder.

Represented globally by Getty Images, my photographs and paintings feature across a broad range of brochures, magazine and book covers. A large folio of my images are available for commercial license here: Getty Images.


My favourite paintings and photographs are available in small exclusive limited editions (20 prints only off my 34cm  x 34cm / 46cm x 30.5cm medium image size and 10 prints only off each of the special larger 70cm x 70cm / 94cm x 62.5cm image size). Both editions are specially Giclee printed onto heavyweight 315 gsm smooth cotton high white archival fine art photo paper with an ample border. Each limited edition print run has been faithfully reproduced with great attention to detail by myself and my local fine art printer, checked and approved personally, signed, numbered and titled, together with an official certificate of authenticity. You can also purchase these through my on-line partnership galleries at Saatchi and Art.Finder.


I am more than happy to work with corporate clients and public institutions. With a large catalogue of over 4000 themed images available, I am able to put together a bespoke folio of prints tailored to your specific requirements, and in a variety of sizes and finishes. Preferential rates always offered for multiple orders.


Please feel free to contact me. I am always happy to discuss my work and help with any enquiries.


My work has already been chosen and featured by: ABC News, The Actuary, Adidas, Age UK, All About You, Allianz, Amazon, American Daily News, Apple, Asda, Axa, BBC, BBC Radio 4, Beauty High, Best Western, Bet.com, Bloomberg, Bon Appetit, Boots, Build, Blush, British Airways, British Comedy Guide, Business week, Buzzle, Canadian Business, CBS News, China IRN, Ciniplex, Clariant, CNBC, CNN, Conde Nast, Channel 4, Chatelaine France, Chicago Tribune, China Medical Tribune, Cloud Nine, Cosmopolitan, Culture Mom, Cupid's Pulse, The Daily Record, Dell, Deutschland Today, DHL, Die Welt, DTI, D.F.S, Ebay, E How, Elle Girl, The Economic Times, EdTech, Esquire, Estates Review, Eurohealth, The Examiner, Express Newspaper, Fedex, Pour Femme, FHM, Folha De S.Paulo, Forbes, Fortune, Format, France TV News, GHD, The Global Mail, Goldman, Google, GQ, Good Housekeeping, Green Flag, The Guardian, HBOS, Hitachi, The Herald, Huff Post, In Flight Catering Services, The Independent, India Times, Interflora, Irish Times, Italia and Mondo, iTunes, Jack FM, John Smith's Brewery, Knox News, KMBZ Kansas City, KPMG, Krispy Kreme, Law Actually, Life and Style, Lombard, Mail Online, Market Insider, Marie Claire, M & S, Marketplace, Men's Health, Men's Journal, Metro, Microsoft, Mirror Group, Money Advice Service, Money hacker, Le Monde, Morrisons plc, MSN, MTV, National Australia Group, Nature, The New Economy, New Scientist, NHS, N Power, New York Review, Otto, Panasonic, Paypal, Pfizer, Polityka.PL, Practical Parenting, Penguin Group, People.com China, Prince of Wales Hospice, Radio Australia, Radio Times, Radio 5 Live, RBS, RCS Capital, Redbook, La Repubblica, RHS, Sage, Samsung, Sainsbury's, Seattle PI, Siemens, Sky, Sky News, Somerfield, Speigel, Stern, Sunday Mail, Sunday Times, The Sun, Sugon, Sydney Morning Herald, Telemundo, Theakston's Brewery, De Telegraaf, The Telegraph, Time Magazine, The Times, Time Out, Tiscali, TLT News Russia, Top News Arab Emirates, Trading Standards UK, Traders International, Trends.com China, UK Trade and Investment, Walmart, The Wall Street Journal, Woman.com, Woman's Hour, Women's Health Encyclopedia, Women's weekly, La Vanguardia, Viacom, Verizon, Vodafone, Vodacom, Vogue, Yahoo, Yellow Pages, Yokamen.CN, Yorkshire Water, You and Your Wedding, YouMag, Youth.CN, Xerox.