Walking by moonlight

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My latest digital / mixed media work: "Enchanted Light"

Enchanted LightEnchanted LightEnchanted Light is a mixed media digital illustration inspired by the Carl Sagan quote "We are all made of star stuff". I'm fascinated by the inter-relationship and spiritual connection we have with the other planets in our solar system and especially the magic and mystery of moonlight - historically a great source of inspiration for artists. Here, moonlight illuminates a pathway through the forest. The rhythm of the mingling patterns are symbolic of the energy - the "star stuff" - that binds us. Moonlight is the magical illumination that helps to unravel the mystery.
Mixed media painting inspired by Nature - available here as a Ltd Edition print, signed, titled and numbered, together with a signed certificate of authenticity.
Many of my mixed media images start out life as watercolour / gouache paintings and / or charcoal / pencil drawings and gradually evolve through a variety of digital painting and illustration processes. Because my "originals" vary considerably from the finished printed product, I only ever sell exclusive small run (10's & 20's) Ltd Edition prints of my imagery here - and consider these to be my "finished artwork".
Since I monitor all aspects of the output - in partnership with my local fine art printer - you can be guaranteed of the very highest quality finish, using longevity ink and premium heavyweight paper, as well as a cast iron assurance that no further Ltd Editions will be printed other than the two sizes - medium and large sizes both available here.
I pack carefully rolled, bubble-wrapped, inside large diameter toughened cardboard tubes, to ensure prints reach you in excellent condition.
Please feel free to message me for any further information. I am always happy to discuss my work. I want my work to be enjoyed and there's no greater buzz for an artist than knowing someone loves your work enough to live with it in their home or workplace.
Thanks for looking. Have an inspiring day!
Andrew :-)


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