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These images are available as special ltd edition print runs of either 10 (large size) or 20 (medium size) . Buy direct from me here or visit and purchase from either my Saatchi or Art.Finder galleries. Please note, prices may vary from these external sites due to circumstances beyond my control, i.e: post & delivery, agency handling, currency conversion fees and site incentives, but my base-line prices will always remain consistent and I will always price match.

Ltd Editions are exclusive heavyweight 315 gsm Fine Art Giclee's, signed, titled and numbered by the artist.. Each artwork includes a signed certificate of authenticity.

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This collection has been curated from a large body of work spanning over twenty years and represents many of my own personal favourites. Many of these images were taken in the North Yorkshire landscape I have come to know and love. I am fascinated by shifting light and changing seasons and usually carry a camera with me to capture images as reference for my digital paintings. Sometimes, I feel that the astonishing natural beauty of a landscape needs to remain in my folio - recorded as a pure photograph.
These camera moments are particularly special to me, because - as an artist - I often strive for days and weeks to create something akin to nature with paint and brushes on screen or paper. Even though these photographs take a precious amount of time in exploration, patience and experience to be in the right place at the right time, with the right equipment, I always feel a special privilege to be witness to one of nature's miracles.

As with my digital & mixed media paintings, the subjects I choose are usually nature led. Rugged, wind swept landscapes, & wide open wildernesses lead to intimate abstract, still life worlds. My themes are the same here too: the strength and endurance of sentinel trees, or rare human figures braving a storm. The search for eternal truth in the coded patterns of moving water, or glimpses of gold at the end of a rainbow.

I hope you enjoy my work. Please feel free to email me andrew@abw.co.uk if you have any further questions. I am always happy to discuss my work and ready to help with any further enquiries you may have.
TwoSnow DrifterShelter From The StormPale TreeSnow SculptureHighland SnowfallWinterlandSilent ForestSnow Tree ShadowAngram In WinterWinter Deer HerdWinter GrazingEtherealWinter SculptureDawn MistEthereal MistBetween Land and SkyWinter SentinelRainbow TreeLightning Tree