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This series are inspired by the phenomenon of phosphenes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Closed-eye_hallucination for further info. For me, phosphenes (and their shimmering particles) are a visual reference for the Carl Sagan quote: "We are all made of star stuff" and my paintings explore this theme of universality and common consciousness - the simple principle that we are all inexplicably connected - part of the world of nature that surrounds us from the grass beneath our feet, to the stars overhead. Many of my images are reduced down to particles, shimmering shapes and elements mirrored by the seasons as pollen, snowflakes, stardust, fog and dust. They are an "impressionistic" interpretation of the beautiful natural world that has inspired me since very early childhood, paying homage to earlier artists like Seurat and Monet who - to my mind - also seemed to see the world around them composed of shifting phosphene shapes and colours.

Although I have traveled extensively and found inspiration in landscapes far and wide, I come back time and again to the North Yorkshire Dales (and Nidderdale in particular where I currently live) The rugged Yorkshire landscape has inspired many artists over the years, including the poet Ted Hughes whose wonderful depictions of nature instantly resonated with me and continue to be a great source of inspiration.

Although, my paintings rarely if ever feature people, my natural landscapes seethe with human emotion: my solitary trees strive for spiritual awareness, faithfully embrace the stars, or brave the storms with strength and dignity throughout their hard life's journey.

My woodlands and forests are brimming with secrets waiting to be discovered by the visionary explorers and dreamers in our society, whilst my snowscapes explore the transformative natural beauty of the Winter season and the need to cherish nature and the natural landscape that humankind all too often take for granted.

The nightscapes I love to paint are never sinister or foreboding, but rather windows into the soul of mankind... full of faith, optimism, and a life-long yearning for knowledge.
Someone To Watch Over MeEnchanted LightMoon BlessedMidnight Hail StormWinter Solstice 1Winter Solstice 2Winter Solstice 3Birch WoodsAutumn GoldGolden Winter WoodSunlit Winter SteepleGolden MoonlightMoon GlowA Winter's TaleFull Moon FallForest FirefliesFall First LightThe Golden HourTreasure TroveLast Gold Of Autumn