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I am closing my website here shortly - contact links for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are below, or feel free to email me in future at:


Based in beautiful Nidderdale, North Yorkshire, I derive much of my inspiration from my local surroundings. My paintings and photographs are inspired by the changing seasons and shifting weather patterns, the transformative beauty of the natural landscape, the sculptural symmetry of winter trees, the magic and mystery of a moonlit sky, macro details and abstracts discovered in nature. 

Many of my photographs and paintings already feature across a broad range of brochures, magazine, book and album covers. Some of my personal favourites are available as small exclusive limited editions (20 prints only off my 34cm  x 34cm / 46cm x 30.5cm medium image size and 10 prints only off each of the special larger 70cm x 70cm / 94cm x 62.5cm image size).


Both Ltd Editions are specially Giclee printed onto heavyweight 315 gsm smooth cotton high white archival fine art photo paper with an ample border. Each print has been faithfully reproduced with great attention to detail by my local fine art printer, checked personally, signed, numbered and titled, together with an official certificate of authenticity. You can purchase these through my on-line partnership galleries at Saatchi and Art.Finder.


Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information. I am always happy to discuss my work and help with enquiries.   Facebook / Twitter / Instagram